INAX Launches The S200 LINE - Maximizing Comfort And Functionality Within Compact Urban Bathroom Spaces

24 December 2020

Inspired by Japanese Rituals of Water That Transform Everyday Life

In a city where urban living spaces come at a premium, the Japanese are masters in achieving maximum comfort in the minimum of spaces. Maxi-Compact, S200 LINE’s design concept born through this approach, offers the perfect bathroom for the urban lifestyle, maximizing both comfort and functionality within compact spaces. Applying INAX’s human-centric innovation and insightful design, Maxi-Compact achieves the ultimate balance of usability, beauty, and spaciousness in modest-size bathrooms.

Inspired by Japanese water rituals and compact space design, the INAX S200 LINE bathroom collection reflects the brand’s design values of Essence, Sophistication and Thoughtfulness to transform the bathroom experience. This collection articulates all the functional essentials of an everyday bathroom, with attentive details that cater to the busy urban dweller.

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